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finished summer session1

today i just finished my summer sesison 1.
the class consisted of only 15 students and two professors( they are couple) and we had really intensive classes throughout 5 days exclusively. the course name is "developmental economics" and the prof is actually great person... too great to mention here. but his career is just amazing... cannot believe his exsitance in APU...

so anywayz, he was really nice, and his wife was really really really warm-hearted, thought of us so much. when prof explained something difficult stuff, then she explained in Japanese so that we can get concepts of the idea / theories. even all of us were APS students and not quite have knowledge of economics, the classes were really nice and, that made us try hard to make presentation.

our presentations were supposed be 20-25 min long, but the first group did their presentation from 1:30 - 2:30. 1hr!!!! its amazing for us that they researched their topic in detailed and ... as you can imagine, the next group also spent 1 hr to do their presentation. We, 4 of us, actually thought ours would not be long that much, since we didnt research in so much detail, but still, we spent 40 min to do our presentation. and the final one is almost same long as ours.

what impressed me so much was the comment given by the students from Laos on our presentation. actually our topic is "case study - Laos - the innovation system of Lao PDR's possibility and capacity". he told us that our presentation reminded him of his young days when he was a elementary student. his story was really his, and because we researched the Laos and just simply spoke out what we learned from our research, but he gave us practical and emotional message on our presentation... can you stand if your country is called as "developing country"??? it would be so crucial for me at least to be called as so, but he recognized it. i think thats their strength... they realized and recognized it. it should be so tough to admit it. after the presentation, he asked us to give him the powerpoint of the presentation... i didnt gave any word for it...

as a citizen of Japan, i never regard my country and myself as someone who are actually looked down, well when i say "developing country" i never look down those countries, but you know, cuz there are developed countries... i have to respect those things. and i noticed i have some feeling of looking down those countries... even not cousciously but still, it is really rude for them and really wrong. seen in the history, maybe its not cuz of their mistake /failure, but it is possible that the reason for it is more like world system is affecting their country...

umm, i donno what to say but the thing which today's presentation reminded me of was the phrase given by my english teacher in high school "respect others, respect yourself"

i gained so much things from this session class.
so happy to be one of the members in the class and happy of being able to have lecture from the prof and his wife, happy to think of Laos and happy to have those comments.
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summer camp

summer camp was over...

that was actually horrible and crazy... but also really fun and interesting.
we had 72 high school students and we spent 3 days together with. They are really high-motivated and cheerful, young and interesting. TAs are also vary unique and interesting. Stuffs and Profs as well.

So, actually, Ive been satisfied with almost everything weve done during this three days.

thanx for every participants and see you soon in APU☆
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its now 5:48 am... i didnt take sleep... well, actually i took nap and woke up at 11pm, so not really problem ne... but actually i have a part-time job today from 8am... holy shit... i hate working at the beginning of the day. It will be the WORSR start which I ve ever had. kakaka anywayz.

I had very few friends in my floor but today I had really really fun time with one of them. He is from China and now he helps me translating chinese (about History Tectbook stuff) into English ★ his english sounds really good and to me and easy to listen to, and he has really good smile ne. ok, then also one of my few frds in AP house, Ms. APU, came to the kitchen of my floor, ate some food with me and then, what we did was... illegally watching movies!!! the title was "Constantine" u know it??? actually i didnt know this movie, but the more i saw, the more i was interested in. i felt great china today (the site which we can downloading/streaming was made by China) .

ok ok, so i am now writing papers (for asamizu and for matsuri). I donno exactly about paper's format and things like that, but I hope this is ok... i just copied my thesis paper of high school this time. sicne the topic is about development, and my thesis topic was environment preservation org. you can make connection and titled as "development and environment" sounds nice eh??? lol

anywayz, i finished it, anywayz, yeah. i did.
good job masa~~~

oh, and my frd R in Netherland!!! Conglaturations on your success in Europe!!! you are such a cool girl that i am really proud of you ne★ hope to meet you soon and looking forward hearing some weird japanese from you★笑
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なかなか晴れてたけどもう曇ってしまった↓ 左にみえるのが俺の住んでるAPハウス☆
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ということで、今日いきなり1時から7時までぶっとーし休憩なし!!!マジかよ!!!俺働きすぎた~~~笑 って感じだったけど、よくやりました。いろんな人に会えました。名前を挙げればきりないけど、やっぱりまだまだ俺の知り合いはいた笑 あーよかった。楽しいね、やっぱ。でもこれも1週間すれば、この再会の感動がなくなって、いつもどおりになるんでしょう、、、笑 ま、それがノーマルライフだからね。とにかくみんなに会えて今日は本当に楽しかった!一人で別府に買い物にいかなくてよかった笑

でもちょっと単位認定が思ってたのと違って、なんかやっぱりここでも立命館とAPUの違いを提示されて、ちょっとへこみました、、、ただでさえ、単位そこまでないのに、また4単位へったし、、、。なきそう笑 はあ。何年で卒業かな~~~

ってことで、バイト帰りで死んで、シャワーに入ろうとしたらシャンプーを買ってないことに気づいた、、、、、コンディショナー2つ買ってました、、、死んでくれ、馬鹿な俺笑 ちーん。

そのあと久しぶりに歴史教科書の先輩ますちゃんと歴史トークして、途中参戦のつるぽん(ちゅるぽん?笑)とも友達になって、楽しく話まくって、んで最後にもっかいまじめトークして今パソコンルームです、、、いまだに部屋でネットが使えない、、、どうして?? そろそろRAか管理人に聞きます。

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ふう、誰もしらねえなあ。。。どうしようかと思いながら、眠いから昼まで寝てて、んで久しぶりの学食を食べにいったら、大地とかいてマジ懐かしい。まだバイトしてたから、俺もいつものメニューを頼んだ。笑 懐かしいね、いつもどおり。

生協にいって、歴史教科書の話と道具をこずえからもらって、再びハウスに戻って、さあなにしよう、、、はい、寝ました 笑 寝る子は育つ!!!





んでつよぽんがマジやさしくてバイクでハウスまで送ってくれて、かえって管理人の部屋からでてきた人は、、、ますちゃん!!!マジ懐かしいし!!!久しぶりのレアキャラ登場に興奮してロビーででかい声でさけびあう笑 そのままあきとけんたろうにも会って、けんちゃんがいることを知り、突撃して今まで話してました。


将来のこととか、けんちゃんと話せてよかったし、けんちゃんが俺の階のすぐ上だから死にそうなときはけんちゃんにレスキューを求めます笑 どうやらほかのやつらもハウスに住めるみたいだし、あーマジはやくみんなに会いたいです★

by canadian_dreaming | 2005-05-30 03:07 | APU