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Last night I had an exam... and that was over!!! Fu--- I think I kinda overcame the most terrible week in March, and now I am somehow feel better. So, I decided to drink beer. I havent had beer for three weeks, and the taste was so gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!!! Moreover, I talked many things with my friend, and that was really good time. We shared really nice time. "Sharing time with precious friend"

So, today, I am not gonna do so much work for next coming essays, but just be in my room, see outisde through the weindow, and feel Canada...

Nothing special, nothing unusual, and thats my life. I now think this is not so terrible as people think. I think this is my way. I might go out tomorrow to Capilano suspension bridge... hope to see wonderful scenary.

I am now thinking to go to LA or NY, or jut seattle, havent decided yet, but surely go out from Vancouver. Doesnt it sound nice???

by canadian_dreaming | 2005-03-12 17:00 | canadian life


c0005699_7493234.jpgまじすげえ!!!すごすぎた~~~!!!!ホントに楽しかったよ~~~。なんか、本気の試合じゃないんだけど、でもムチャうまいし。あの人たちはエンターテイナーでした。子供からお年寄りから誰もが楽しめる試合だった。ファンサービスとかもすごかったし。ってか、エンターテイナーになるにはそれなりの技術が必要じゃんね、だからあの人たちやっぱすげえ。まじで。まじで。それしかいえないわ。はい。とにかくすごいしおもろいし、ずっと笑いまくり、驚きまくり。なのに隣のそうちゃんは途中で眠いとか言い出すし笑 その隣の陽子とごうは写真撮るとき真剣で、SheriとKariはずっと興奮しまくり、ビルの息子はなんかちょっとロードオブザリングにでてきそうだし、まったくいったいおもろかった!!!
by canadian_dreaming | 2005-02-24 10:11 | canadian life

happy go lucky~~~

hey guys... dont chat here... this is my blog, not the place where you guys can chat together... DONT!!! go chatting with msn messanger, or i will block you guys from this blog.

ok ok, anyway, ha---school back!!! ha~~~ so tough..... i need to make up 14 points in next midterm of econ... so i need to understand whats going on in class... but not sure whether i can or not, and kash, thanks for comments, but my first priority now is not staying 2 yrs, so i am not sure i can do as you are doing, all i can say is "try"

i think today is really good day for me, i dont know why, but feel very well. umm good good.

oh couple days ago megumi came to Vancouver and we went around in vancouver with kenta. that was just awesome!!! i had really good time with you guys ~~~ megumi will come back to Canada for sure to meet me again!!! hahaha not me actually, its ...OOO, dont you>>>???

last night me and shiba talked a lot about graduation ceremony and we realized that we need more meeting and discussion about the ceremony to make it worth coming, memoriable, and greatest!!! we are able to do so, what we lack is just consensus!!!

its 22nd already... almost Feb is almost gone... what!? do i have two more exams??? what??? do i have three term papers??? what??? i cannot hear you, i have nothing but graduation!!!!
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I got econ result back...that was 36 out of 100... so i got 9 points in total for final mark...wasnt it good enough for me who didnt try as hard as others???well... I think so.

but you know what? if i wont make any chnage in score and keep taking around 30~40%, then i wont be here from sep. 2005...it wont be happened to me. so what should I do??? well, there is only one thing i can do: try hard. oh god, i know it, i always try to try hard and try to study as much as I can, but again you know what? i always failed to do so...

today was like... so tough for me... i walked much, much, much, too much!!! anyway i am such a sleepy boy...
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hey guys!!! I understood!!! its not cuz of age but because of too much drinking!!! I got it!! thanks hana and fuckin' kash!!! well... but dont you think older when u became 20yrs??? i felt so... but anyway, i am still younger than other older ppl. so...who cares???

things will not go well so much, it s not that so simple. everything will turn to be so difficult for me. oh god... but its okie... it will be helped... hopefully...

sorry i cannot write a much here...
by canadian_dreaming | 2005-02-16 10:11 | canadian life

Reading week

Today was Valentine Day ... but it has nothing to me... I really dont care of it.
last night we went to yudai's place and drunk together... that was just nightmare... omg... even I could not remember all things i did ... and today still i felt bad...

recently everytime i drunk, next day is terrible... isnt it cuz of age???

actually nothing to write about... sorry

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Takashi is in Canada

finally Takashi came to Canada yesterday~~~

I am so happy now~ but u know what??? I still have two exams today, and last night I had to study for them... so I kinda left him in my room alone and studied at Rits House... and got back to my place at 1am and then slept...

He is now with his friend, Kei, and they went to Granville island and I am in my room and gotta study for exams... so tough it will be... holy shit!!!

anyway, I will have a week-long holiday and I will be released from ...NO!!! I have so many things to do!!! OMG!!! anyway, so sunny day today, and I feel good today. Everything seems so nice!!!

Today we have two Bday pirty and I am looking for it so much~~~!!!

by canadian_dreaming | 2005-02-11 10:11 | canadian life

Suprise Bday

今日は朝から遅刻しそうになって、EconのTutorialでたけどなんかたったの30分で終わったからつい寝てしまった、、、起きたら12時30分・・・んでそれから1時の違うDisucussionクラスへいって、(TAが最悪だからマジおもろないし意味もたいしてない 笑)んでいきなし授業中に警報がなりだして、カナダで警報なったら全員建物からでえへんかったら法律違反らしく、全員授業をそっちのけで脱出~~~。んで青空の元、少しだけ青空教室して、んで最後の10分だけまたクラスに戻った。それから部屋に戻ってシャワー浴びようと思ったらシャワー室掃除中やねん、、、ないわーみたいになって、とりあえずしゃあないからそのまま違うDiscussionクラスへ。これがまたTAがあかんし、発音が癖がありすぎてなんていってるのかよくわからへんから、まーこれまたお手上げや。とりあえず受けるだけ受けて、んで帰る。


帰ってきたときにルームメイトが今日はね~って感じで言い出したときにうちらが和久の部屋からロビーに走っていってんでサプライズ☆なんかあっけらかん、って感じだったけど、まあええやろ笑 んで俺はその場面を見た2分後に、アスファルトの上をひたすら走り、Angusというビルディングへ。ここで俺の宿敵Economicsの授業。今日はいつもDaytimeにとってる友達がいたからちょっと楽しかった。ま、でも3時間は長い。

終わったーーーってことでまだパーティーしとるかと思って帰ったら余裕で終了してるし、、、。あれ?なんで?がーん。下がったー。笑 でもま、仕方ないから少しだけ話して帰る。そして今PCの前。明日はボランティア。2ヶ月ぶりだー仕事おぼえてないや。どうしよう。ま、いっか。うんうん。とりあえず行くしかない。はい。頑張ります。



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とりあえず、朝から人類学に出て、んでその後てらけんとバドミントンして、んでその後いつもより一個前のクラスにでる、なんとなく。でも雰囲気がぜんぜんちゃうかったわ~聞いてたけどけっこうびっくりやったから・・・なんか質問とかできる雰囲気じゃあなかったわ。うん。だからその分もう一回受けて、そのときに?を全部こわしたった。うん、えらい。んでその後もう一個授業あってんけど、今日はマジ眠い!!!ないわ~ってくらいねむねむで、どないしようかと思った、、、むしろ寝ました。ははは。初睡眠in Canada。

終わった後で、ラケットを忘れたことに友哉に言われて気づく、、、でも前のクラスがあったところ、もう次の授業はじまっとってさ、、、んでなくなるかもしれんかったけど、でも入りたないからやめといて、んで7時30分に授業が終わるっていうけん、それまで待った、、、部屋で笑 んで急いでいったら、、、あった!!!よかったーーーマジなくなったらどうしようかと思ったわ。ふう。助かった。

んでそれからKashとかいう馬鹿でアホなやつと、エロエロチャットして笑 RitsHousede勉強しにいった。途中からみんなで陽子のノート参考にしながら確認しあって、んでその途中で話はそれて世界の話。




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I kept three days not writing...
On Friday, 4th, I had a midterm for econ. that was terrible・・・just terrible・・・but it was ok, cuz everyone said the same thing... must be so tough for everyone. so, i dont care. I am exchange student who skipped two classes and had difficulties to understand the lecture, needed to have at least 5 times longer than normal students to read textbook and who are studying about economics for the first time in life... all are just excuse though... and this is really not cool to say such... ok, lets say that I just gave up this time since I already realized that i didnt try hard and i found myself could not try harder. but this time, i realized i need to spend more time to study about econ, so next time, i will do better.

ok, then yesterday, i went to beach with my friends and just walked along the beach... since me and hide had a game and satomi felt sick, we three went back soon, but the other guys made curry rice and i heard that was awesome!!! ummm so envy them!!!

unfortunately when i went to the gym, i noticed i forgot my UBC card and the stuff told me i never can play vball without student card... holy shit!!! so i had to go back on my way, but my teammates were not there... ???why??? i had no idea and even i didnt meet them on my way to go back to Rits House... ummm, anyway, so i went back to Ritshouse and continued studying ... although most of time I just talked and laughed and ... but it was ok, i had a much fun.

and today, we, the committee of the graduation cremony got together at Rits House second floor and studied together. That was just good, since everyone helped each other and shared each understandings of lecture.

I found out that they are so smart... when we moved on to the reading about economics and culture and politics, i really could not undersntad what was going on... since i didnt learn these things neither in univ nor in daily life. i was supporised at their vast knowledge... wow...

and then, I think I am やばい now since what they talked about seemed something that I should have known before... but i didnt know... i think i should learn about these things... especially about modern history and economics... also some more political issues and terms that they used in their talk...

I am studying economics now even it is not my major, since I noticed that I should have to learn about it. Economics is everywhere, and it relates to everything now... as we learned in class, culture, politics and economics are related each other and muturally effect each other.

たいらー俺は経済やってるけど、マジわからんぞ~笑 でも経済楽しいし、多分いろいろやる上で経済は必須です。この世は金を中心でまわってるからな 笑 それから、俺今煙草やべてんねんけど、身長伸びるかな???

by canadian_dreaming | 2005-02-06 10:11 | canadian life