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Today is supposed to be my extra holiday, no class... but u know, I could not relax at all... more like, I just got more and more stress... u know why? cuz tomorrow I have a gateman's econ midterm... so fuckin dumned it... I woke up at 8, and studied until 12, then me and kenta, kei, sayaka and rika had a lanch together and discussed about APu and joint program little bit, and from 2 i went to rits house and studied until 3, then went to the office, talked about my second-year program with seto-san, then suddenly strange teacher (for me) appearred and spoke about APU and joint program, then i went back to second floor, and met sou-chan, nao, and chiaki, and talked little bit, then i went down to the lab and found Greg, who also are taking econ102, and we started studying for tomorrow together, and we spent almost 1 hr studying witht gateman's lecture note... 1 hr and only 6 pages... and then, i went library and studied with yui. she took econ last summer session and she knew what gateman's exam was like, and she also taught me some important concepts... thanks!!! moreover, she invited me to her place and showed me her note which she used last summer, and i could get some more useful informartion from it, and MOREOVER!!! she gave me a dinner~~~ soboro-tamago don!!! such a nice dinner!!! I missed Japanese food so much and when i was eating it, i felt just happy and ... u know, haaa~~~ fantastic!!!

today i talked with both kenta and yui about joint program. since they are now in their 2nd year, so i think they see more good points and bad points than i see, and they are critical about some things, which i never thought about... umm, i may think about these... but at the same time, w have to understand that the main reason for coming to Canada vary one another. not all ppl came Canada to study. usually if ppl go to univ, then it really means that they want to study, however, in some way, ppl in rits program are not exactly such. the reason for it could be the low standard of TOEFL score. but the best point of this program is the low standard of TOEFL score... ummm. so dumned difficult to think about it...

today was setsubun, right? my friend told me so, I totally fucking forgot about it, so sorry... but i cannot do anything in Canada, well, amybe if i tell my friends about it, then maybe they are interested in doing so, but as i told u, tomorrow is gateman's fucking midterm, i cannot afford to do so, haaaa.

i already knew that i should have studied everyday more and more... since i found myself not not not not understand about lecture... maybe this time, i cannot get good score... so what should i do?? can i enjoy my reading week with my frined who will come to Canada from japan?? ummm maybe i should have a balance btw these two,,, i cannot forget about study in the week, thats sure thing.... sorry takashi .....

okok, i need to go back to study now, haa... i dont know whether it will worth doing it, but anyway i dont have choice, i have to do so...

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Wednesday night

Finished my dumned ANTH mid term today... haa, that was not too bad, maybe up to 50%, so it was ok...

Wednesday night is always the time for meeting of graduation committee. We always have a fun with members, and today was the first meeting with take-chan and shiba. Yes, we are in the process of doing many stuff, many of them are secret, so sceret that I cannot write about it, but should be so nice!!! ho-ho!!!

Ummm, anyway, I need to study for the midterm of economics...I really dont understand two chapters which was tought in the class I didnt attend... I will take shower now, and possibly go to Rits House to study since I am so sleepy today and I dont think I can study for it in my room...

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Wow...its already February... so dumned early...

I just skipped economics class (both discussion and lecture) this week... but went to discussion classes for both ASTU201 and 202, although the TAs are sucks.

I, I cannot study hard recently, partly because I feel no motivation to do so, and partly because I just simply dont want to do so. I know it is quite bad for me, especially when I realize that I want to stay another year in Canada, although it is really unclear to me. I, I am kinda mad now. Why? I dont know.

I need Takashi as possible as it can be, but I have still 9 days until he comes to Canada and ... I dont know if I can stand those days ... I need his help, the help from the one who really understand me a lot. I dont say there is no one who can understand me in Canada, but because we dont have much time, at least I dont make any time to talk with somebody about my damned feeling, so there is at least no one who I can talk to. There are bounch of people who are really nice to me and really good-friendly.

It is 19:55 now, and I might go shower and then... I dont know. I was studying economics chapter 23 (the one we did in last week) and I have a mid-term tomorrow. Anthropology is really interesting subject to learn, but I dont think it's gonna be really useful to remember stuff, but the professor told us to do so, and even be very careful about every single small things... oh my god... do we really have to remember the name of the anthropologists??? are we supposed to remember the all sorts of things in the required textbook??? it's so redicurous... who tells me that I dont have to remember things in Canada as Japanese people always do??? it exceed Japanese people, but students really remember things on the text more than Japanese people do... what??? what the hell going on??? so damned it...

ok, anyway, I will stop writing and take shower, refresh... and... who knows???

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とりあえず今日は金曜日。どうしようかな。多分飲むだろうな 笑

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kitanoya Guu


I woke up at 6am, and wrote a paper for ANTH100. It was about my personal experience related with the anthropology... ummm I had not decided the topic, but I chose the culture and subculture. I wrote about the subculture wich exist in Japan, caused by the difference of region, and also I added the subculture yielded by the difference of generation. In second example, I wrote about my grandmother.

Sigh... so fuckin tired, ok then I went to damned ASTU classes... yeah I can tell I really do not want to take these courses, they are out of my interests.

Ok, then I went to the Izakaya, with Akiko, Take-chan, and Narumi, later got together with Hisashi and Yugo. Today there were not Daisuke-san and Sayaka-san who I knew, but in stead, there was a terrible floor manager who were so rude and not-polite behaviour. Akiko, however, seemed so happy to find a cool guy among the stuff and was happy to talk to him. kakaka

We talked several things but today was really fun. Just fun. un.
I need to work on the reading more and more since I have mid-terms coming to next week ...

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Bday party

yesterday was Yoko's Bday party. Ididnt know that actually, and I knew it from Goh with invitation to the drinking party. Since I drunk too much last weekend, I didnt want to do so, and I decided not to drink and smoke for a while, but since this was the Bday party, I decided to join.

7pm, everyone was ready at aActivitiy-room in Ritshouse, and waited for Yoko. around 7:15, she came back from korea Day, and we sung Bday song for her. She was crying since this was really surprising for her. we ate cakes and took many pics with all of us. Then I heard the next party would start from 11pm... but we had about 3 hrs until 11pm... and stupidly, Goh and kazuhisa went to the century club where ppl had to pay $20 and drunk 1oo shots in 100 min. ... sounds interesting for me, but I decided not to drink much, so I decided not to go. so, me, hide, and soushiro were so free, nothing to do. then i remembered kaori was free, so i asked her if she didnt mind to go to her room. and she was kind enough to give us spagetthi with her-made meat source. that was so nice, she was really nice. but actually b4 party she asked me to have a nabe-party... it might be better ...

anyway, times came at last, and we went to Yoko's room. sounded so noisy, and it turned out that there are ppl already... like... goh, kazuhisa, and Greg. oh come on, this was third time ... ok ok, anyway.... the party was so crazy... even i didnt drink... that was crazy enough. yumi was one of the main reason... hahaha, at that night, many ppl came to say happy Bday to yoko, like haruki, yudai, maho, kyoko, and else... so anyway yeah, the party was so ...fun....

but i agan slept all the saturday ... hahaha ... i even didnt go to play Vball and didnt go to watch Ryohei's game... and even didnt go to watch Vball game of Tbird....

anyway, tomorrow I will study as much as I can... oh but from 5pm, we are gonna watch American Pie.....kakaka

Masaharu Shigematsu@canada

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biological clock

ummm... my life was now terrible...

I need to fix this... I slept 8am and woke up at 9pm... my biological clock is already broken... by myself... and my stomache always hurt me. This is my fault... but... I could not finish my reading... tomorrow is the quiz... its only 6% for whole, but I feel great pressure from it, and now its 6am... I havent finished writing my application for second-year program yet. and the deadline is today, so I have to submit it to seto-san today... haaaa, so fuckin だるい today...

God, what should I do??? I really donno what to do. Is it only now to feel boring because I am under great pressure? or is it really boring life in Canada to study and learn English??? Isnt it much better for me to go back and study another thing, or work and earn money, or plan some events??? isnt it more regrettable??? Do I regret if I go back to Japan??? Is it what I want to do to stay in Canada?? What I want to do??? I am so jealous for those who have a clear vision about future... and their intersts... I dont have any of them...

But I cannot be negative now... time is limited and I dont have much to relax actually...


Masaharu Shigematsu@Canada
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Sunday is always sleepy

3:00 pm, when I woke up.
5:00 pm, when I started watching "Shimotsuma-monogatari(下妻物語)".
7:00 pm, when I went to library.
10:30 pm, when I went to friend's place to get some dinner.
12:00 am, when I left her place and went back to my place.
5:00 am, when I am writing this diary.


I got one good news from friend in Japan. She was elected as the Rits15 next year!!! It means she wil come to Canada this September as Rits15☆ I heard from her that she submitted her application and got chance to have interview, and the result was supposed to be published before last week, but the office suddenly changed the date, and today(17th) was the fixed day. In Canada, it was the morning of 17th, but in Japan it was almost 7 pm, so she already got the result!!! We talked about the program for 30 min or more, and we promised each other to try hard.

I am really glad that she passed all tasks and be able to come to Canada. Although there are a lot of things that I dont like about the program, still there are more and more things that I really like and I really appriciate to. I am sure she keeps her motivations up, try hard as we promised, and we can meet with happy smile~~~

Hohoo, I guess I wasted my holidays... since I spent almost two days sleeping... everything is on account for too much drinking on Friday night... the most stupid day in my Canadian life... at the same time, it possibly can be one of the most enjoyable days...

Anyways, new week start soon, and I have a quiz worth 12% in this Friday... I am so behind.....

Masaharu Shigematsu@Canada
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Just a simple single day.

Last night after meeting, I stayed in Rits House and studied until 4 am, and today, I woke up, met Goh, lent him ski wear, had lunch together, went to classes, met Rika, talked with Rika, and ...

actually i was supposed to go to downtown after class, and had a dinner wih Mao, who had Bday today, but I really didnt feel like to do so, and I just didnt go. Instead, I went to village and bought alcohol. at Matsui-san's place, we drunk. Talked with Greg, and drunk much. Eat much. Spoke many...

and next mornig, I found myself in the bed, but didnt remember after having got home.... what i did???
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What the heck!!! How come I could not sleep recently... holy shit... I need rest, I need to be ease, and I need sleep. Come on, please, please give me good sleep today.

Since I could not sleep last night, I could not get up at the time I was supposed to do so, and I get up at 11 am. Then, I went to eat, but I could not eat as much as I did last year. I didnt feel well today. I bought some textbooks that I need, and I got back, and watched movie. and ...

One thing that happened today and really good was I could finally meet Felix and Jerry. We could have dinner, and this was hisashiburi stuff for me. And so, yeah, that was good.

How can I escape from this stupid madness and become enthusiastic of studying!?!? holy cow... no one knows answer...only me know...

Ok, I will study from now on, it's almost 8 pm, and I have banch of readings to do until tomorrow. Surely this term will kill me, and I will surely die. Please come to my funeral in Canada......

Masaharu Shigematsu@Canada
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