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good bye dude

one of my friends are going to back to Canada.
he was an exchange students with UBC, coming to APU last September.
he was few my floor friends and i only talked him several times since i came to APU last June and hadnt been in my room.
he is good guy
he gives my the sticks of ground hockey to me, and it will remind me of him and canada for sure,,, tho it is such a big stuff lol
i hope to see him next Feb when i go to Canada again, hopefully
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1984年 10月 11日生まれ 20歳
7 (隠れた秘儀を解く哲学者)  ←哲学は嫌いです。
知性的、独創的、冷静、内省的、内的情熱、意志、自律心、高尚、博愛  ←そうそう。
神経過敏、強情、頑固、反逆者、変わり者、孤独、冷酷、分裂的、皮肉屋 ←分裂症!?!?皮肉屋、、、まあ、まあねw けっこう的を得てる感あり。
個性的で複雑な性格だ。 ←複雑っておい。


3513541436 41315126 (数値化)
まじめで努力家だ。正確さと規律性に優れる。エンジニアなどに向く。 ←エンジニアですか、、、大学はいりなおすべきかな、、、ものつくり大学にw


◆外面的願望(子音数 9)
同情したい、奉仕したい、道徳的でありたい、支配されたい ←支配されたい!?M!?同情したいって、、、。俺にもでてしまった。ってかなんか、八方美人したいみたい。
◆内面的願望(母音数 22)
尊敬されたい、何か大きなことをやりとげたい ←ほおほお。




7 : 11 -- 左脳型  ←いいバランスとってるじゃん
12 : 6 -- かなりの行動型 ←行動型、、、ですかねえ、、、。
10 : 8 -- やや熱中型 ←熱中型、ややねw
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そんでその後そうちゃんとあんなとしばとご飯。本当はドインとたばっさんとも会うはずやったけど二人ともさぼりやがった。シバは相変わらずアイドルポーズ。笑 あんなはフェアリーやめたらしい。そうちゃんは少し毒はいてたよw






ということでその後優悟と合流。まあ、やつもいろいろあったんだ、でもとりあえず二人で飲みにいって、んでカラオケ行って。ガンバろーって感じでしたw その後、今日いきなり泊めてもらうことになった友哉と合流して、んで車のあるとこまでいって。友哉の後輩を送って優悟を送ってその後スーパー銭湯へ!!!ありがとう友哉、友哉のおかげで初日は実に快適でした。家に帰って布団もきもちいしありがたすぎました。初日こんな感じで終了。
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Its now 9:03... i was supposed to work at co-op from 8:00... holy shit and fuck!!! i never be late for the work... oh well, anywayz i gtg APU now. so stupid ........

WAIT!! Will I have anything to do if I go now? cuz its already 9 am and students are gone to classes, not much ppl in co-op now... so... no reason to go there!!! ok ok, then what should I do?? well... ok ok then I will write few things which I had in this week.

On Tuesday I by chance met one cool guy who was now absent from APU but actually was in his hometown for Aichi Expo. He didnt change and it was so surprising for me cuz Ive heard he wasnt here. So good so nice to be able to meet you ne!!! We have to meet again at AICHI EXPO!!!

and Wednesday, I met ppl who are going to go to UBC from this Autumn. Their relations among them are so close, seems really good. Me and K went there to talk about the life in Canada and things they need to prepare for. Well, the most strange things that occurred in that time was introducing each other in ENGLISH!!! hahaha

Then yesterday, Thursday, I met one pretty girl who was also in her hometown. I didnt talk a lot, but I guess she was ok. whether she pretended being ok or not, but anywayz that was really nice to meet her in APU again cuz she was one of the craziest girls in the world!!! hehehe One more thing to tell yesterday was about Yakarakai. It was my first time to go there after coming back to APU, and the atmosphere changed little bit, but not really. actually we had really good time sharing with.

and today, I didnt go work for morning, and have meeting from 14:00 for the World Students Tourism Summit. ok ok, now its 9:12... better to go to co-op anywayz.hahaha
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so tired now

Sometimes ppl come to the unexpected.
and, that happened to me on Sunday when I had a tournament of badminton in Beppu city.
I thought it would be easy, compared to the other tournament I ve ever participated. BUT actually that was the ... horrible one, I guess it was most tough game I ve ever had since I started playing badminton... cuz, you know, I always prepared much b4 the games, so that I didnt lost my power till end of the game. but i didnt practice that much, and that made me so tired... as well as my partner's problem. (hahaha) but that wasnt so much problem, i hope.
ok so anywayz, i am so tired still on Tuesday, and thats why I am in room now, during the Yamagami's class. hahaha
recently i feel so much dilemma btw so many things: class and playing, badminton and circle, circle and summit, and the like. maybe time will tell what to do and which to go. so now i am just doing whatever facing to me. hahaha

I finally can go to Kyoto ~~~~ from 14th morning to 17th night. I will go to BKC on 14th, 15th to 17th will be in Kyoto, drinking party with the committee members of grad ceremony on 15th, meet frd on 16th, and no plan so far on 17th ( i might take TOEFL test on that day) so anywayz, if possible, please take me around in Kyoto!!! I didnt know anything!!!
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its now 5:48 am... i didnt take sleep... well, actually i took nap and woke up at 11pm, so not really problem ne... but actually i have a part-time job today from 8am... holy shit... i hate working at the beginning of the day. It will be the WORSR start which I ve ever had. kakaka anywayz.

I had very few friends in my floor but today I had really really fun time with one of them. He is from China and now he helps me translating chinese (about History Tectbook stuff) into English ★ his english sounds really good and to me and easy to listen to, and he has really good smile ne. ok, then also one of my few frds in AP house, Ms. APU, came to the kitchen of my floor, ate some food with me and then, what we did was... illegally watching movies!!! the title was "Constantine" u know it??? actually i didnt know this movie, but the more i saw, the more i was interested in. i felt great china today (the site which we can downloading/streaming was made by China) .

ok ok, so i am now writing papers (for asamizu and for matsuri). I donno exactly about paper's format and things like that, but I hope this is ok... i just copied my thesis paper of high school this time. sicne the topic is about development, and my thesis topic was environment preservation org. you can make connection and titled as "development and environment" sounds nice eh??? lol

anywayz, i finished it, anywayz, yeah. i did.
good job masa~~~

oh, and my frd R in Netherland!!! Conglaturations on your success in Europe!!! you are such a cool girl that i am really proud of you ne★ hope to meet you soon and looking forward hearing some weird japanese from you★笑
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